It has differentiated technology to produce capsules suitable for temperature and size situations.

With nanotechnology technology, fires are safely and quickly evolved

in the early stages.

The 119 product series (paint, rope, sticker) was developed based on the principle of subcatalytic digestion, which incorporates the chain reaction of combustion as an inert material. 

Nano-fluorinated ketones

Synthetic organic materials are 1.6 times heavier than that of water and do not conduct electricity
Rapidly changes from liquid to gaseous state to actively absorb the thermal energy of flame
Non-toxic and safe for humans and the environment, it evaporates immediately without causing chemical reaction when extinguishing fire
Decomposes in the upper atmosphere by UV light and is gone within five days

Class A / General fire
Solids, including wood, paper, clothes, rubber, plastic, etc

Class B / Oil fire

Fuel oil, lubricating oil, grease, and paint

Class C / Electric fire

Electric spark, electric short

Class E / Gas fire


When overheating, sparks, or flames occur (Class A, B, C, and E fires),

the microcapsule explodes 

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