Research and develop products for extinguishing fire in the early stages and for reducing disaster damage.


SOO co., Ltd. develops extinguishing products in the early stages of fire and products to reduce disaster

damage. We have innovative technology for fire prevention

that can occur inside confined spaces.

Leading in disaster damage reduction with automatic fire

suppression products

SOO Co., Ltd. aims to give back to society before seeking profit

SOO Co., Ltd. shed light on dark places, rather than bright places
SOO Co., Ltd. recognizes that there are no blind spots in safety

CEO Greetings

Automatic fire extinguishing system capable of preventing the spread of fire can reduce casualties and property damage.

SOO manufactures special paint, sticker, and rope products that automatically extinguish fires caused by electrical factors in enclosed spaces, e.g. distribution boards and switchboards. Founded as a technology-intensive venture company in 2016, all employees unite with passion and challenging spirit to create a ‘safer world’ with a thumbnail ‘Add safety to your space’.

As a company specializing in material parts and equipment, SOO is ready to add firefighting functionality to existing products through collaboration, not limiting our nanotechnology firefighting technology solely to SOO’s products.

We look forward to your support in our bright future as we take a big step towards a safer tomorrow,

SOO Co., Ltd. CEO Hwang Deuk-gyu

Professor Kim Phil-soo

Technical advisor of SOO

  • Graduated from Gyeonggi High School
  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, Dongguk University
  • Master's Degree, Dongguk University Graduate School
  • Ph.D, Dongguk University Graduate School
  • 1992 ~ 1996
    Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, Chungcheong National University
  • 1996 ~ Present
    Professor, Department of Automobile, Daelim University
  • 1998
    XIT technical advisor
  • 2001 ~ Present
    Director, Korea Automobile Engineers Association
  • 2002 ~ Present
    Director, Korea Automobile Engineers Association
  • 2003 ~ Present
    Director, Korea Automotive Inspection and Warranty Association
  • Aug. 2020
    First Chairman, Korea Association of Auto Technicians
  • May 2009
    Chairman of Seoul Auto Salon Organizing Committee

  • May 2010
    Chairman of Seoul Auto Service Seoul Salon Organizing Committee
  • Apr. 2021 ~ Apr. 2021
    People's Power 4·7 Second by-Election Advisory Committee for Seoul Mayor's By-Election
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